Real-time quality treated wastewater at DEEP C Industrial Zones

3.1 mg/l
18.6 mg/l
Water temperature
28 °C
Flow (Outlet)
0.3 m³/hr

About us


1. Infra Asia Investment, (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Infra Asia Investment

Specialist investment company Infra Asia has considerable experience in investing in Vietnam.  In collaboration with its shareholders, Infra Asia Investment continually seeks new investments related to marine infra structure and industrial parks. Infra Asia Investment not only invests in the projects but also plays an active management role in the new development by sending in-house experts to support the daily management of each project.  Cooperates closely with Rent A Port in order to take full advantage of its network.

Infra Asia Investment is a consortium of European investment companies led by Rent A Port with the support of the Belgian Corporation for International Investment BMI-SBI.

Some Infra Asia Investment references:

  • Port of Fos – Marseille, France
    This mineral terminal located near Marseille in France is equipped to provide mineral handling services (coal, bauxite, clinker, coke ...) to Panamax vessels. The handling equipment, with a capacity of 3 000 tons per hour, is designed and operated by Sea-Tech, a strategic partner of Infra Asia Investment and Rent A Port.

  • Dinh Vu Industrial Zone – Hai Phong, Vietnam
    Infra Asia Investment is the lead investor in the Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (DVIZ), Hai Phong, Vietnam. Over 500 ha of low-lying land has been converted into a modern industrial park and deep sea port. At present, over 60 companies – from a wide range of industries – operate in DVIZ. The vicinity of the Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port and direct access to the Hai Phong-Hanoi highway are important advantages for DVIZ. Following on the successful development of DVIZ, Infra Asia Investment is strongly expanding its industrial zones portfolio around DVIZ and the Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port.

The Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port project, aims to build the only international deep sea port in Vietnam. This port will meet the growing demand for greater cargo volumes and increased vessel size. With a draft of 14 meters, the port will be able to receive vessels up to 80 000 DWT.


2. Induss, Full Service Water Company

IndussIts goal is to “meet the industry’s demand for specific water types in a focused, sustainable and economically viable manner”.
Induss was established – with a vision to serve its clients by providing the best solutions suited to their water needs. The company’s goal is to close the loop, hence to provide industrial (waste) water treatment and re-use, while keeping in mind the companies values: reliability, cost control and sustainability.

Induss operates in a DBFO (design, build, finance and operate) model and focuses on transforming fix costs into variable costs for its customer base through its cluster concept. Our track record: industrial water treatment plants in the ports of Antwerp, Ghent and Ostend. Induss has grown thanks to its state-of-the-art expertise and experience. Induss is the reliable partner for industrial clients in the (petro-)chemical, feed, liquid gasses and energy sector like Total, IBR, Rütgers, Evonik, Solvic, Alco Bio Fuel, Proviron, Cargill and Air Products.

Induss (target) customer base entails the chemical market (petro-bio-basic and fine), food/feed, power plants, new industrial zones and port authorities.

Infra Asia Investment